By Arifin S




Dibawah ini diberikan topik-topik/judul pembicaraan. Buat dan sajikanlah pembicaraan sesuai dengan kemampuan yang anda miliki untuk menggambarkannya.


  1. 1. Commemorating the independence day in your town.
  2. 2. Last New Year’s celebration in your town.
  3. 3. Describing the environment of your house.
  4. 4. Your last school holiday
  5. 5. The situation of math examination in your classroom.
  6. 6. The discipline/regulation in your school.
  7. 7. The situation of studying in your English course.
  8. 8. Your family daily activities.
  9. 9. Feastday celebration in your family.
  10. 10. Radio broadcasting in your town.
  11. 11. Teenager motorists in your town.
  12. 12. Level of schools in your town.
  13. 13. Tourism destinations in your district.
  14. 14. Lab work/practical work in your school.
  15. 15. Students organization in your school.


Dibawah ini disediakan topik-topik/judul pembicaraan yang berbentuk perbandingan. Buat alasan masing dan sajikanlah pembicaraan sesuai dengan kemampuan yang anda miliki untuk membandingkannya kemudian nyatakan sisi yang mana yang anda pilih atau yang sesuai dengan keadaan anda saat ini.


  1. 1. Living in village and living in town.
  2. 2. Traveling by land and air transportations.
  3. 3. General and vocational schools.
  4. 4. Working as a civil servant or working for others and as a privateman.
  5. 5. Expressing something by letter and by speaking face to cace..
  6. 6. Traveling with cash money and credit card.
  7. 7. Having news from newspaper and television.
  8. 8. Treating/recuring by a doctor and a medicineman/woman.
  9. 9. Traditional games and the modern ones.
  10. 10. The quality of former and today students.
  11. 11. Dry season and rainy seoson in Indonesia.
  12. 12. Girls with long and short hair.
  13. 13. Canned and natural food.
  14. 14. Wood house and stone houses.
  15. 15. Eating by using hand and spoon.
  16. 16. Having brothers or sisters and being the only child.


Dibawah ini diberikan sejumlah topik pembicaraan. Buat alasan-alasan dan sajikanlah pembicaraan sesuai dengan pengetahuan dan kemampuan yang anda miliki tentang topik-topik tersebut.


  1. 1. The influence of advertising has had on our lives.
  2. 2. Criteria of a good teacher.
  3. 3. Criteria of a modern hero or heroine .
  4. 4. Students benefit from participation in extracurricular activities.
  5. 5. Two many lessons/classes in our educational system.
  6. 6. Each year, many teenagers run away from home.
  7. 7. Someone would or would not want to live in a large city.
  8. 8. The chief reasons for students' academic failure in school.
  9. 9. The automobile has been harmful to our society.
  10. 10. Circumstances of an employee would be fired.
  11. 11. Sex education should be taught in public schools.
  12. 12. "Television has made a culture of watcher, not doer."
  13. 13. The essential characteristics of an effective leader.
  14. 14. Sport helps develop good character.
  15. 15. The chief reasons of students drop out of high school.
  16. 16. Romantic love is a good basis for marriage.
  17. 17. Some children should be disciplined by physical punishment.
  18. 18. The cause for which someone would be willing to risk your life.
  19. 19. The most important characteristics a civil servant should have.
  20. 20. Longing for the past.
  21. 21. The school courses that generally are considered to be the most beneficial.
  22. 22. Gender disorder is a trend.
  23. 23. Some   practical ways in which each of us   can help to conserve natural resources.
  24. 24. Steps should be taken in order to reduce crime.
  25. 25. Violence in television programs can lead to violence in our society.
  26. 26. Environment has a greater effect on a person.
  27. 27. Some citizens do not participate on the election for their president.
  28. 28. Steps could be done to increase the public's respect for police officers.
  29. 29. It is beneficial for a student to work part-time.
  30. 30. Characteristics are important in a person we would choose as a friend.
  31. 31. Both parents should assume equal responsibility in child rearing.
  32. 32. The essential characteristics of a good parent.
  33. 33. Advice should be given to an entering college freshman.
  34. 34. Prostitution should not be legalized.
  35. 35. Smoking in public places should be illegal and forbidden.
  36. 36. Some states or countries now permit single men and women to adopt children.
  37. 37. Radio must continue to be popular in the age of television.
  38. 38. All lessons at school should be specifically related to a future occupation.
  39. 39. Divorce will do more harms than benefits either for both parents and children.
  40. 40. Women in the military services should not be assigned combat duties.
  41. 41. The Westernization is not appropriate for all countries.
  42. 42. The consequences of the legalization of marijuana.
  43. 43. Society should allow that the men and woman are equal.
  44. 44. The nuclear power as a source of energy.
  45. 45. Banning certain books from public and school libraries is justified.
  46. 46. "Self-discipline is the most important ingredient for success."
  47. 47. Preventing violence in public schools.