VEIL (Jilbab/Kerudung)


"Veil is material worn especially by women, to protect or hide the hair or face, or as part of head-dress"


This very short article does not try to discuss the veil in the religion sides, but it will describe “veil” as the shield for woman. Besides as a head-dress, veil as the shield for woman. It means that veil can protect her in a large sense. They are;


1. Protection from sunshine or cold.

Veil can protect the woman’s hair, neck and chest from the sunshine or the extreme cold weather. If a woman is used to wearing a veil, it keeps her hair healthy. Her hair are natural in color and it is not burned, broken or dried by the sunshine. Veil can also protect the skin of her neck and chest to stay smooth and soft because it is not disturbed by the sunshine or dust. Besides being protected from sunshine, veil can also keep her to stay warm through the weather which is extreme cold, of course.


2. Protection from the wild eyes of a man.

While doing activities; like studying or working in crowded places. She is not going to be busy to take care her chest or to feel restless or worried. It means veil can be as a protection, Especially from the wild eyes of some boys or men around her. So the women who wear the veil are more comfortable to do activities everywhere.


From the explanation above, It can be concluded that veil does not only have function as a head-dress or as a trend by some women nowadays but also to shield them from many cases at once.


Arifin S