Private And Regular English Courses

By Redha Alfian


It is not something new to study English now. Everybody tries how to study and master this language in several ways. Some of them follow the course in private class but some others take the regular class. Both of them, of course, have some advantages and disadvantages.


I. Firstly, studying English in private course.

There are some advantages to study English in private, they are;


1.Full attention.

          It means when we are studying we can concentrate because no disturbance by the crowd. In private course the number of the students are limited. Therefore, we can get full attention to study English.


2.The time is yours.

          Because your class is private course, you can manage the time according to your will. For example you can ask your teacher several questions on your English lesson or beg him/her to explain a specific field of English that you suppose as problems you are facing. All are without worrying about the allocation of time in that session.


Meanwhile disadvantages of studying English in private are;


a.Financial reason

          Because the course fee more expensive, not so many people afford to follow it.


b.Under pressure of mastering lesson in a short time.

          Because the members are a few and the duration of month is limited, there are a lot of exercises to do and vocabularies to memorize for everybody.


c.Monotone atmosphere and lacking in friends.

          Day to day you just meet a very few friends and the atmosphere of the class is monotone. No joking, no funny friends and no teasing or mocking to give us surprise as a shock therapy or good mood to study.


II. Secondly, studying English in regular course.

The advantages are;

1.Financial reason

     The course fee of regular English course is cheaper. It is possible for everybody.


2.Solid knowledge and sharing with a lot of friends

Generally, studying in regular class have more duration of month so every subject can be studied more detail. Then you can also discuss the lessons with some friends. In other words, you can take and give.


3.Cheerful times to study

Because the number of the students are a lot, there are so many various behavior of friends. Some are ticklish and humorous and some others are annoying. Of course, all become flavor and they are enjoyable if you are used to them.

There some disadvantages of studying in regular class, they are;


a. It needs a long time.

         Generally, regular class spends longer time. So if you need to master English for an urgent purpose, this kind of class is not suitable.


2.The Subjects are general.

The lessons in regular class adopt all the needs and fields of English, but unfortunately, they are not detail or specifically.

            From the two kinds of English course above, it seems that studying in a regular class is more suitable for the most because besides economic reasons, people do not like studying under pressure and they enjoy making social interaction to many people whenever and wherever they are.