Playing Truant



            This article would like to describe a classic case at schools, that is “Playing Truant”. Nowadays, many students play truant from school but they don’t arrive in school or they don’t enter to the class on one lesson. They are in the mall, internet shop, or in the canteen. Less controlling by family and teachers make the students don’t have burden if they play truant. Playing truant can be prevented through education by family and supervision in the school.


            The term “Playing Truant” is an action that can be arisen from laziness the students to study, don’t realize how importance education is, don’t realize their status as a student. If this problem is always let without prevention, so the education in our country won’t make progress and will be flunk because the young generations have been careless from their duties as students. The progress of a country is on young generations’ hands, so if the young generations are always lazy, our nation will not be better.


            This problem arises from less emphasizing moral education by family and teachers. They are also influenced by friends who like to play truant. The school which has less supervision make the students feel free do their actions. The lazy students who don’t do homework because they are afraid of teachers, so they play truant in that time of lesson. If they often play truant, they will be left the lesson, so they always play truant and lazy to study.


            To alleviate this problem is emphasizing from family to educate them. Give the punishment and motivation. Supervisors at schools must look every action from the students.


          Playing truant has increased in recent years, so family and teachers must make actions. The students also have to realize the real meaning of education, so that they won’t be drifted away by useless times now.


By Arifin S