Tears and Tricks



 By Arifin S


"Tears are salty water coming from the eyes. We all have ever dropped or flowed them on our own cheeks, especially when crying. The tears come out, generally, as the expression of feeling, for instance; sad, afraid, affected, painful and very happy indeed. But some tears are just for tricks which held one for some reason!!!"


     We don't mean to blame or insult among men and women but as fact, the women have the better talent for tears' trick than the men. It doesn't mean that men can't act tears' tricks, but in general, no matter whether men or women can be the actor of these. Below, let's have a look at the tears and tricks that are often found or happened in the daily life itself.


  • 1. "A Famous Weapon for Both, Women and Children".

     The women are able to conquer the men's strength or anger by such a way of tears and there are big possibilities those can drive men or get something beneficial. No wonder if it is said "each drop of tears is a victory for the women". But what happened if the men's tears? I guess the others will mock them or call them weepers and will be funny looking!!

     Rinti and Karman had loved to each other but later they had a problem, because Rinti often went out with different boys. Karman knew and caught her red-handed. Then he intended to end their relationship whatever Rinti's reasons would be. But when the time came, everything was out of question. Rinti came to him a few days after to make Karman believe that she was an honest girl and maintained their love affair. She told him that nothing was special between her to those other boys except as friendship. The first, Karman ignored Rinti's talk and reasons. He poured out his anger, detested and so on vocally. Meanwhile Rinti became silent and let him curse as much as he could. Later she broke into tears, no matter what Karman said. No word sent out from her mouth and instead of speaking, she kept pouring tears and tears. As a man in naturally, Karman was confused and didn't know what to do then. Furthermore, he blamed himself then he made up his mind believing and receiving her again. Rinti's tears succeeded in conquering Karman's suspects and jealousies.

     Children can use tears as their weapons to get their will from their parents or other persons. They know that by the tears their will must be accepted. For example, if a child asks the parents to buy such a toy when they are in a supermarket then the parents ignore so the child breaks into tears. By this way, the parents, will accept him, because maybe they are ashamed if it happened. And maybe they take pity on the child breaking to tears. The child conquers the parents by the tear's trick and lead the child as if he/she were a king or queen between mother and father then.


  • 2. "Shed Crocodile Tears".

     Sometimes there are a lot of rivals or others who feel not happy on someone's success without any special reason at all. They can be the fellows, business partners etc. who intend to defeat or fall down him/her without his/her consciousness. Most of them come up because of jealousy. They won't get so much profit when we become victims except they get satisfaction only. Then when it happens, they will come and see. Furthermore they break to tears as if they were very sad indeed and have pity on us. Pretend to be sad but happiness fulfils their heart and feeling.

     Shed crocodile tears can happen to take other person's attention to him/her for special reasons. We take an example of someone who wants to borrow some money but everybody has known him/her well. S/He is hard at returning the money. That is why other don't want to lend him money. Once, call him Lelo, tried to borrow the money to his neighbour but the neighbour avoid lending him because he had known his temper. So Lelo tried to have a better lips service telling how difficult he was then. He had to see her mother who had been sick seriously in the village, meanwhile the previous month salary left was barely enough for living on. Lelo told the story while breaking the tears as though he had been over minded then. He promised to return the money on the following month salary. Lelo was going on tearing sadly. Later the neighbour was affected, then lent him the money through some conditions which had to be fulfilled first. So in that chance he was successful by tears' tricks and his neighbour became his victim on shed crocodile tears.

     Neither tears as weapons nor shed crocodile tears are good tempers. If someone does, s/he will be more considered as a deceiver. Although s/he does them at a weak manner, such as; a girl/boy to his/her parents, friends and so on. Remember that it is your first step to be a deceiver. Be frank, because l am sure that you don't want to be called as a deceiver, do you?