Natural and Frozen Foods



By Sosna Sri Rahayu


Some of us consume natural foods and some others consume frozen foods. While there are adventages for both of them, consuming natural foods is generally better choice for us. We should consume foods that have a lot of benefits for our body. Consuming natural foods can also make our bodies healthy and avoid illness.


Consuming natural food has a number of benefits.For example, natural foods are healthier than frozen foods, where natural food can also be used as a medicine. Unlike fozen foods, natural foods can be consume directly and also easy in its processing doesn’t require time long and easy to obtain. Natural foods usually widely consumed by rural communities, because they work as farmers and many are they also product fresh natural foods.


There are also benefits to frozen food. Preserved foods more practical and varied, so we can choose what we want. Usually widely consumed by urban communities because of its aesthetic value is higher than the natural food and usually more delicious. Moreover, it also aurable so it can be consumed while traveling away, easily stored and rapid in its presentation.


Consuming natural or frozen foods is every body’s right. While consuming natural foods is generally better choice based on the current someone. In this moment, people’re more likely to choose a practical without concerned about risk posed. Therefore, consuming natural foods is better choice to exercise patience, perseverance, tenacity, creative us in processing food and familiarize healthy living.