By Runi Erizal, S.Pd.


What will you do and think firstly after getting up in the early morning? What should you do when you do realize that your existence in the world needs something to survive or to make your reputation? Or you need something to make your life “Better” and you make yourself “Happier”? The answer is in you yourself, but, the most wanted are money, love, science, and power, from which you begin, it is up to you and you will get them all if you are diligent and patient. Otherwise, you will get nothing. Now, Let me describes them.



Do you know money? Who doesn’t know money? Only a baby doesn’t understand money, but actually, when he or she was born he or she ,too, needs money directly or indirectly until he or she dies. Most of the people look for money to fulfill their needs, but, most of them make money becomes “God “. Money is for love, science, and power. It makes you feel better, brave, safe, calm, victorious, full, happy, and so on, but money can be” Devil” when you adore it too much indeed. Money will make you feel wrong, afraid, unsafe, angry, lost, starved, stress, sad, unhappy, etc. Why? Because when you are thinking that money is your aim, you will do everything to earn money. You will be a permissive person. Finally, you will get nothing, and at the end of your life is unhappy.


On the contrary, if money is not your aim, but something to reach it. never do make it as “God” or “Devil” since you do not have to depend on it. You will get and use your own money in the right way, time and location and share it to the right person. God will bless you and at the end of your life is an eternal happiness.



Do you love your parents and family? Do you love your God? Do you love your job or activity? Do you love money, science, power, or love? Have you ever fallen in love? Who never falls in love? Just a baby who hasn’t ever fallen in love yet, as well, but, when a baby was born in the world, he or she brings a love and appears on the surface as a proof how great the Creator God as the Creator of the universe is. Love is not only between a girl and a boy as you think, but, it has a large sense. It is among us as a human being and all God’s creatures in the universe, material or not, visible or not. We need love to make live become alive and harmonic. Love can bring a peacefulness and happiness, but it can bring calamity, disaster and destroy humans and all, including a love while you adore it so much, in order that you’ll do everything for love. Loving to creature isn’t everlasting for, as it is mortal or destroyable, but loving to God will be eternal since He will love you for forever.



Do you like to study? Do you know what study for? Do you know why your parents spend or invest their money to your education? The answer is to make you “Happy”. Knowledge can make you easy to get better job and make you think adult. You’ll know to differ whether something is important, good, useful, beneficial, true or not. By knowing everything, you are able to master all the things in the world due to the fact that you have a lot of information. You can master and hold the world which contains knowledge.


In other side, knowledge will be able to destroy all civilization or humanity. High technology can create a big monster machine to kill all the lives on the earth. It will make the safety of people which is back to the primitive civilization.


From describing above, we will see that science must be used wisely in order to lead and bring us to the happiness. Science differs us from other creatures at the highest degree. Even science is able to heal the world for all diseases from body, soul and spirit. Only a good religion can control a science development and lead us to “A Little Heaven” in the world and a pioneer to create “A Big Heaven” in the day after. For the conclusion is from science, we can get money, love, and power that people are looking for at this moment.



Long time ago, because of power, man made a kingdom and all rules and lines in it. Man made a colony to colonize each other. Many people have been killed in a small and big war due to the power and up to this day they still exist. By mastering a lot of lands, human and science, man will be able to be a great and powerful king. They will lead, create and control a world to be what they want. If they are having a good religion, love to each other, the world will be safe, but, on the contrary, the world will be “A little hell” and a pioneer to create “A Big Hell” in the day after. So, only a good power will bring us to a real happiness.


In the end, love, money, science and power are necessity. They are as important as our lives. If we use them as facilities to achieve our aims, they will bring and lead us to the real happiness, but, happiness will be a dream even a nightmare, if we suppose them to be our final aims in our lives.