Drug Abuse



By Mike Martaleta


     The title of this simple article is Drug abuse. We cannot deny that the victims of illegal drug are the youth, and most of them are students in cities, towns and villages. According to some researches held by experts has informed us that the young people do not understand well how dangerous the drugs are. They suppose that consuming the drug is such a trend nowadays.


     Regret is not an end of addiction which has haunted us. No wonder, If there is a user in the family, s/he will make a lot of riots or problems in his family. Then we will blame their parents as the reason of what s/he has done.


There are some factors which causes the drugs abuse:


1. Religion Side

     As we know, Religious education gives the major protection to some body. There are something that forbidden in the religion. If someone has good religion, of course he will not do the bad activities, but if their religion is not carried well, they will be easy to do that bad things. For example using the illegal drugs.


 2. No attention from their parents

     The parents are always busy to look for the money, they do not watch their children. Meanwhile their children need their attention too, not only money. So their children will look for the easiest way to make their life happier by smoking the marijuana, hemp, the morphine, cocaine and others.


3. Environment

     The influences of environment also give our young generations a chance to use the illegal drugs. There are some factors why someone is trapped by drugs.

a. Drop out students and unemployment

b. Entertainment places as discotheque, prostitution places and others

c. The weakness of law enforcements

d. Imported cultures from other countries.


4. Friendship

     Friendships are the main factor, too. As proverb said if we make a friend with a perfume seller, of course, at least we get nice smell and if we make friend with a blacksmith at least we are going to get spark and bad smell. So the best friend is someone who can lead us to face this life well. A friend isn’t people who try to make us suffer.


     So the conclusion, there are several factors of drug abuse, they are religion side, attention from parents, environment and friendship.